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We offer a wide range of services for your health care information technology needs.  Focus on your product core, and outsource your IT to us!  Our technicians have nearly 20 years experience in the IT industry in MS Windows and *nix environments.  We specialize in open-source implementations.  We also offer standards consulting, onsite emergency support, and custom web development.
HL7 Interfacing
We got our start building interfaces for medical professionals across the globe.  HL7 is the accepted standard for disparate datasets across platforms.  Our systems work with HL7 interfaces; after all, we were instrumental in helping build the HL7 standard itself.

HL7 Publications
HL7 EHR Project Highlights
This is an overview of a NLM project to make HL7 interfaces available to government customers

HL7 Vocabularies
This is an overview of a project used to make HL7 vocabularies available over Universal Medical Language System

Loosely Coupled Patient Index
LCPI is a system where a patient can go to a website and request a list of health encounter records from one or many health systems or health plans and control its distribution to healthcare providers and disease registries in both human readable and automated import format


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