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Electronic Medical Records are no longer the wave of the future, they are the here and now!  We can leverage our  knowledge in data capture and voice recognition so you can immediately realize a return on paper storage savings.  Our systems are easy to use and administer.  Start streamlining your workflow and get a return on your investment!
EMR chartTools v2.0
Realize EMR Systems savings.  Integrate Dragon NaturallySpeaking with your EMR system to eliminate your external transcriptions costs.

Plug into Systoc version 7.2 and higher for insta-pdf discharge reports.  Streamline your discharge process, save paper, outperforms Systoc's own systems in all sizes and environments.

Request a demo of HCDat's EMR ChartTools Productivity Accelerator 2.0

Watch a video of a patient discharge in under 50 seconds and then uses Dragon Naturally speaking Medical to complete the dictation. Amazingly fast & accurate.

Read more about chartTools, EMR enhancement tool. Learn how we can put Dragon Medical Voice Recognition [DNS] to work for you.



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