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Electronic Medical Records are no longer the wave of the future, they are the here and now!  We can leverage our  knowledge in data capture and voice recognition so you can immediately realize a return on paper storage savings.  Our systems are easy to use and administer.  Start streamlining your workflow and get a return on your investment!
Healthcare Data Solutions enables hospitals and group practices to provide safer care at an optimal cost while enhancing revenues.  We apply our suite of web-based solutions, interfacing tools and twenty years of consulting experience to the unique challenges you face competing in the specialized world of medical care.

The healthcare marketplace is complex and you can’t afford to stumble.  Provider institutions operate with large budgets and tight margins.  Typically 'profits' are at two percent.  This means that a small savings of a half a percent (0.5%) can translate into a twenty five percent (25%) increase in retained revenues, dramatically improving an institutions bottom line.  Long-term capital and human resource commitments inhibit the ability to respond quickly when an institution falls into crisis situations.  Hence the intense interest on closely monitoring and streamlining ongoing operations.  

All of our solutions can plug into your existing information technology investment or stand-alone.  Our Solutions:

·       PhyStat, Focus on the provider-patient interaction.  This is where the rubber meets the road for quality, cost, and productivity.

·       ChartReview, Time is money.  Squeeze every bit of value out of the chart review process.  Fully customizable survey tool with preset, peer-reviewed topic audits.  Combines statistical and detailed feedback reporting.  Packed with features, Web ready Now!

·       PathTrak, Finally, a framework for pathways-of-care!  Whether you call them clinical guidelines, pathways of care, or procedure sets they need to be off the shelf and in use where they’ll save dollars and reduce risk.  PathTrak handles the gamut from committee revisions, automated collection of non-compliance, through correlation of compliance with clinical and financial outcomes.

·       Postcard, How do patients rate your services?  Here’s how to find out

·       ChartTrak, Get all of your money, and faster.  We put technology to work handling medical record bloat.  Find out how cost effective the routine technologies of barcode, scanning, Internet become when focused on your business processes.

In every healthcare organization there are opportunities to pluck low-lying fruit.  Use our experience to put technology under your control and get information into right hands.

Other Services 

Data Interface Solutions - What do you want to do?  Exchange Data with a trading partner?  Correlate an extra bit of date you're tracking with demographic data from core systems?  Enhance reporting by tying data from disparate systems together?  Turbo-charge your data warehouse?  Whatever the need we began our life as a standards based HL7 compliant data interface vendor.  We produce reusable code and want to help you maximize your existing application investment.

Associate Products:

PayMaster – It’s all about Incentives.  How effective is your organization at tying desired behaviors to financial rewards?  Looking to eliminate payroll department frustration?  PayMaster ties contract management, payroll rules, HR, scheduling, and clinical productivity into a comprehensive, rule-based vehicle.

CosTrak - Cost?  The question is, "cost to whom?"     In-patient, outpatient, specialty and professional fee charge rollups.  Includes extensive payer, charge mapping, data interfacing and diagnosis grouping.  With CosTrak, service line contribution is at your fingertips.  CosTrak is a must for evaluating capitation contracts.

We are here it help.  The best way to contact us is via email at info@hcdat.com.  You can also leave a voice message at 734-418-8550 and leave a call back number.



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