Project Management

PM Lifecycle view of selected projects.

Project Management

Using PMI certified project management methodology enhances client communication and project success. Below selected projects are broken out using high level PM lifecycle events. Click here to view more client info. and links to their sites.

Project Sponsor/Stakeholders Domain Experts/Functional Management Initiation Planning Execution/Control Closing
Patient Kiosk Business Process Enhancement Integrated Health Associates CIO/ Healthcare Data Solutions HCDat IT Staff, IHA IT CTO, Contracted IT security Waterfall Model, Refined Project Goals,  milestones established, Negotiated legal ownership, cost & revenue sharing contract Informatics Review Panel, Weekly Meeting Schedule, RFQ & Selected security vendor, 500 physician initial user group Managed and participated in technical execution. Mockup, NextGen EMR, MS-SQL, IIS, PHP, Tracker.  Held team to extremely tight schedule. Tracker Change Control  Rollout & Transitions to Operations and Training
Business Health Services (three project portfolio: IT Operations Outsourcing, EMR Integration, ) Emergency Physician Medical Group BOD, BHS CIO HCDat, Trinity Health Information Systems Regional Staff,  Systoc Inc.,

Tracker for change control & project communication, Drafted Contract,

Added project to Agenda on Monthly Executive Management Team


Managed Change Control, Established Job Specs, Work with Physician, Nursing, Financial & Billing Leadership, Integrated Dragon Naturally Speaking Medical Hired Staff, Managed Contract with Trinity Information ServicesSystoc Tech & PM Support, Enhanced 'Tracker ' for change management Completed Documentation System, Managed handoff to Concentra Medical Systems
HL7-NLM EHR messaging & vocabulary HL7 Board, National Library of Medicine Contract Manager, Veterans Administration Informatics Leadership, Bill Braithwaite, Ed Hammond, Ted Klien, Stan Huff, Chris Chute Iterative Developemnt Model, MS-Project used extensively Managed RFI, RFP documents, vendor reviews, Budgets, Federal Plan Documents, Established RMO office, Mangaged Board Level Contract Change and Tracking Review contract execution, weekly meetings, Presententations to Standards Subcommittees National meetings and presentation, RHIO collaborations.  Working towards ANSI and ISO standards
Henry Ford Hospital System (Project Portfolio: GE Medical Document Scanning Project, Best Practices Quality Tracker) HFHS PM, EPMG Board HFHS IS, AES Tech Staff, ED leadership, HFHS Office of Quality Review, Budget Prep & Approval Vendor Review, Lead Internal Selection Process, MS-Access, IBEX, MS-SQL, Java, Scansoft Scope Documents, Bi-Weekly Team Communication Meetings  Lead internal and contracted programming, integration, interfacing, training efforts Local Scanning Project Extremely successful and taken on by Regional Teams to be inplemented at all centers.  BPQT completed and in production
Hospital Commissioning Team, Ibaden Nigeria Trinity Health International, ARAMED BOD Trinity IS, Ibo University Defined role & scope within engagement contract over the course of 1 year worked with stakeholders to gain plan buy-in Drafted IT infrastructure Plan, IT HR Plan.  Integrated with facilites management, radiology

Negotiated Contract for VA Vista IS Support from Ibo University,

Negotiated improved broadband services contract,

Worked with Dir IS on HR plan and career path.