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About Us

Just who will you be trusting with your solutions technology?  We thought you'd never ask!
    About Us

With over fifteen years experience in life-science, clinical data systems and data standards design, Healthcare Data Solutions guides organizations in uncovering the precious story in their data.

Phil Barr
, President and chief puzzle master of Healthcare Data Solutions applies his data modeling skills to a wide variety of life science, clinical and public health problems.  He has been known to wax philosophical about interfaces gluing the world together.

Greg Tracy
, chief technology rock-climber, spiders athletically over the alphabet soup of our web-based world.  A get it done guy, AJAX, C++, HTML, JAVA, M, .NET, PHP, SOAP, SQL, UNIX, XML, VB, VPN are a means to an end; elegant business process integration.

Our Philosophy:
Data will have a source-of-truth.  We track where it came from.  This means that it is entered once and used many times.  Turning data into information requires context.  Using standards, data take on an agreed upon meaning and a larger social context.  Data encoded using standards-based methodologies can 1) record an event or instance and be 2) statistically aggregated for purposes of trending and benchmarking.  Similarly, events & data can disaggregate or be broken down through disassembly, dissection etc.

Data system designers must address what scientists and storytellers know, that every data element is a story.  The story focus changes as we move up towards the social constructs or down to the sub-cellular detail.  Vital details of the story vary depending on the goals of our audience.”
–Phil Barr, 2001


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